Apparently it’s National Rollercoaster Day

Patent Law

I think it is safe to say that my utter lack of a science or technical background forecloses me from being as interested in patents as I am in trademarks and copyrights. That’s not to say that patent specifications can’t be intriguing or even amusing – particularly when they detail early concepts for inventions that have long since been vastly improved upon.
As my calendar (which includes many holidays of questionable validity) informs me, today is “National Rollercoaster Day”. So please enjoy these excerpts from two early rollercoaster patents – No. 307,942 for a “Gravity Pleasure Road” and No. 310,966 for a “Roller Coasting Structure”.




Note: Patent drawings and accompanying text are typically not subject to copyright restrictions (and I am otherwise confident that my use of them here is fair). However, the United States Patent and Trademark Office appreciates being credited with content gleaned from their site (and rightly so). So, thank you, USPTO!


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